Crock Pot 5 in 1 Multi Cooker Review

Crock Pot 5 in 1 Multi Cooker Review With this Crock Pot 5 in 1 multi cooker review you are going to discover if this kitchen device is right for your cooking needs and what are the main benefits you can obtain from it.

The Crock-Pot Multi-Cooker is a multi-function cooker made by Crock Pot that can bake, roast, and sauté; brown or slow cook different types of food. It uses moist heat to cook food continuously for long periods of time. It allows you to set cooking time based on the type of food that you want to cook.

The 5-in-1 cooker comes in oval shape and has stainless steel housing. In addition, the heating unit is made of ceramic. To ensure maximum efficiency, heating comes from both the bottom of the pot and the sides.

Important Features


  • The Crock-Pot 6-Qt 5-in-1 comes with a tampered, see-through glass cover that enables you monitor food as it is cooking.
  • Furthermore, it is fitted with a cool-touch handle to enable you open the cover when either checking on food or serving without burning your fingers.
  • It features an easy to use digital panel which is clearly marked.
  • It allows you change program at the touch of a button when you are making food that require more than one type of cooking.
  • To enable you roast food, the Crock-Pot comes with a chrome roasting rack that holds food in place.
  • Also, it comes with an automatic shift to warm setting that keeps food warm and ready-to-eat as soon as the cooking is over.
  • From its timer, you can either choose to use the preset program to set cooking time or customize your own cooking time and temperature settings to your preferences.
  • In addition, the Crock’s easy to remove aluminum pot is dishwasher safe and therefore makes it easy for you to clean.
  • The pot also comes with recipes for different kinds of foods that you may want to cook.
  • It is made in China and it uses 1200 watts.


Multi Cooker Crock Pot Crock-Pot Multi Cooker 5 in 1Crock-Pot Multi Cooker 5 in 1

Good to Know

1. Use it to saute, bake, steam, roast & slow cook.
2. Includes rack for roasting and steaming.
3. Easy to use electronic controls.
4. The insert can be stored in the fridge.
5. Space-saving .



Crock-Pot Multi-Cooker comes has a dimension of 47 x 35.6 x 27.9 cm and a total weight of about 7kg. In addition, it has capacity to hold about 6 Quart (about 5.68 L) of food. The best thing with this cooker is that, you use it to conduct 5 different cooking functions.

What Are the Main Benefits?

Slow cooking on the Crock-Pot Multi Cooker has many benefits for the user.

1. The Crock-Pot 6-Qt 5-in-1 cooker is built to play several roles. First, you can easily roast foods such as meat in the appliance. In addition this appliance can enable you to make side dishes for your dinner including boiling potatoes, rice or even oatmeal.

2. You can also fry or grill different types of vegetables or meats using this Multi-Cooker. This is a very important function for it enables you to make burgers, French fries or stakes at home. And with the boil function, you can make delicious soup for your family as well as puree mashed potatoes and beverages

3. You find that slow cooking maintains nutrients in food. The Crock-Pot cooks food for long periods of time at low temperatures thereby preserving vitamins and other delicate nutrients in meat and vegetables. As a result, the food not only becomes delicious but nutritious.

4. The Multi-Cooker will also save a lot of your time. As opposed to other methods of cooking using the Multi-Cooker will not require constant monitoring. Therefore, you can attend to other matters as the device does its work.

5. Also, there is no need of re-heating food at meal time when you have this appliance. When cooking is complete, the appliance automatically shifts to warm, thereby maintaining the temperature of your food till you serve.

6. The Crock Pot saves a lot of energy too. It uses less power when compared to appliances like the electric oven.

7. With this Multi-Cooker, you do not have to worry that your food will burn since you are using very low heat. This is a good feature especially with food that sticks on the bottom of the pot.

8. The Multi-Cooker can enable you to tenderize tough food such as beans and meat.

9. Lastly, you will find that this cooker is easy to clean as you have only one pot to clean.

What Consumers Complain About?

Although most of the reviews about this particular model are positive some users have stated that there are some things that they do not like about it. Below you will find some of their reasons.

1. Since steam does not escape, a lot of juices collect in the pot. This sometimes dilutes the flavor of the food.

2. Also, if you are not careful, the Crock-Pot can overcook tender foods.

3. Is a big unit so be aware that it will take space in your kitchen, specially useful for those with small kitchens or limited counter-top space.

4. Some users state that the pre-heating phase takes longer than desired.

5. Few consumers found that food stuck to the bottom of the pot besides being advertised as a “non-stick” pot.


Crock-Pot 5 in 1 Multi Cooker Review Summary

The Crock-Pot 6-Qt 5-in-1 Multi-Cooker is designed for a busy person who wants a hands-off cooking while still maintaining the taste and flavor of the food. The appliance will conveniently cook your food slowly while you run other errands.

Also, this appliance is designed for those looking for a multi-functional cooking appliance. Instead of buying different appliances for slow cooking, roasting, sautéing or even boiling, why not get all those functions wrapped in one appliance?

The model is also suitable for those who are conscious about the environment as it is energy saving. The appliance uses far less power when compared to other cooking appliances such as the electric oven.

The Crock-Pot Multi-Cooker is a quick and convenient appliance for baking, roasting, slow cooking and sautéing different types of foods. It offers a hands-off cooking experience that enables you to do other tasks.