Crock Pot sccpvl610s Review 2016 | Pros & Cons

Crock Pot sccpvl610-s ReviewThis crock pot sccpvl610s review is meant for those who want to find out more about this specific slow cooker model. Discover all the benefits as well as the pros and cons of this top seller; what makes it unique? and ultimately, is it right for your needs? Let’s get this review started!

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Having a large capacity, this kitchen appliance is perfect for preparing all your recipes and hot meals. The device has a modern locking gasket lid whose features gives additional security and makes you feel comfortable to transport without worrying of spilling your food. This cooking appliance also has an oval stoneware pot that is removable giving you a possibility to use it as a serving dish.

Crock Pot sccpvl610s Review, What’s Good?


Programmed Cooking


The crock-pot sccpvl 610-s can serve all you kitchen needs. It has a 6-quart oval stoneware pot whose capacity can cook for as many as eight people. You only need to set the time for cooking and also set the temperature for your cooking requirements. It has a setting of warm’ ‘low’ and high’ which you can use to cook food anytime from 30 minutes to 20 hours.

When the time set to cook has finished, the device shifts to warm’ automatically, this allows your meal to keep warm until you are ready to eat. This cooking appliance is even able to handle a six-pound roast, in fact, for a cooking device like this, a six-pound roast is peanuts to it.

This slow cooker is perfect to meet any family needs as you can have sumptuous meals. The device has made meals such as pizza, pot roast, pasta, pulled pork, double corn chowder among others.

Crock-Pot SCCPVL610-S Review

Crock-Pot SCCPVL610-S Programmable Cook and Carry Oval Slow CookerCrock-Pot SCCPVL610-S Programmable

3 things I particularly love about this model:
1- I love the programmable feature.
2- Travel at easy when carrying your crock pot.
3- Cooks food evenly and is affordable.

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Spill-Free Trips


Crock Pot sccpvl 610-s

When using this cooking device, you are likely to discover that it has a locking lid that is very easy to use. This locking lid provides an assurance that it won’t spill food when carrying it for a long distance. It also provides and extra seal on to the meal. Not only does the locking lid assure an spill free trip but it also assures you that the food will remain warm.

To prove this, I decided to use it when I was going for an annual family reunion. After preparing the meal, I brought the device in the car and after two hours of driving, there was hardly any mess to the meal. And the best part is that the roast was still hot. Among all my family, my meal was a blast.

In less than 20 minutes, the roast had gone and shared among everyone. My relatives wondered how my meal could have still been warm despite having traveled a long way from my house. I was happy to share the secret with them; the crock pot sccpvl610- s slow cooker.

Easy to Clean


Made of stainless steel, this kitchen appliance is very easy to clean. Once you have cooked and served your meal, you need to unplug it and allow it to cool for some time before you can start cleaning. The lid and the stoneware can both be cleaned in the dishwasher or by just soapy, hot water. The heating base, once is cool, it might be cleaned with a soft cloth and soapy warm water.

100 percent safe

Crock Pot sccpvl610-s 6 Quart
This particular cooking device has a locking lid that comes with a rubber gasket. The rubber gasket ensures that the meals are sealed and are ready for outdoor carrying. It also has over-sized handles that ensure it is easier and safer to handle.

The Crock Pot’s Dimensions

This crock pot sccpvl 610- s slow cooker has a dimension of 15inches * 10inches * 15.2inches. The device also has a weight of around 8 pounds, it would however have a weight of around 13 pounds if you were to order it online. It is not as heavy, and it also does not take up too much space.

Using the Crock Pot sccpvl610-s


There is no thermometer to show the temperature and the only way to adjust it is by the’ low setting’ and the high setting’. You can therefore easily get to enjoy your home cooked food in just three easy steps while you still carry out your daily chores.

1) First you place the stoneware onto the heating base, then add all your ingredients and cover using a lid.

2) Plug the cooking device and then select the time and temperature that you require.

3) Place the food and liquid in to the crockpot and when the cooking time is over, you can now serve your meal and enjoy it.

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Crock Pot sccpvl610-s Pros and Cons

What are the Pros?

 Crock Pot sccpvl610 Review

 1) Since it is 6-quart oval stoneware, it is ideal for eight people or more.

2) When cooking has finished, the cooking appliance automatically shifts to warm’ setting, ensuring that the meals are kept warm.

3) Comparing this kitchen appliance with other devices of its kind, the crock pot sccpvl 610- s is cheaper. This makes it easy for anyone to accrue.

4) In most cases, this particular cooking device comes with a one year warranty

5) The slow cooker has a programmed cooking timer that can suit you cooking needs from 30 minutes to even 20 hours. If you are looking for a similar device but with manual control check this crock-pot SCCPVL600S cook’ n carry review.

6) The device is safe to handle.

7) The locking system for this kitchen appliance is perfect for outdoor use.

8) It has a secure lid that will ensure the food is sealed and is ready for consumption after traveling. 


What are the Cons?


1) There are some complains that it produces an unpleasant smell when cooking but this is not uncommon with new slow cookers. Usually it stops after the first use and don’t affect the taste of the food. If you are worried about this try to boil water on the crock pot for an hour or two so the smell goes away.

2) The timer has no reference to the actual time. Therefore, you cannot set it to start cooking at a particular time. The timer only counts down from the minutes you set on display.

3) This is one of the complains that comes more often in reviews – It keeps boiling food when switched to the “keep warm” feature.

For a manual on how to use this specific brand click here.

Review Summary


This kitchen appliance is a very useful cooker for larger families. It can also be useful for smaller families or couples because you could freeze the remaining food and keep it for another day, this will save you precious time. This crock-pot is able to give both quality and quantity, it provides a great versatility as you can use the stoneware to serve directly food to the table and store it in the fridge directly.

This slow cooker is an all round favorite and also an excellent choice for families. Most of the crock pot sccpvl610-s reviews I have read are positive and it has an overall rating score of 4.3 out of 5 stars which is good bearing in mind that not everyone is going to be happy with the same product. If you want to read more reviews click here.