Hamilton Beach 33262 Review 2016, The Good and The Bad

Hamilton Beach 33261 Review
I hope that by reading this Hamilton Beach 33262 review you will be able to understand what’s good or no so good about this particular model.

The 33262 cooker has been designed to keep portability simple. It can easily accommodate a chicken that is 6 pounds or a roast that is 4 pounds.

The gasket lid with canister style clips makes it perfect for taking on the road and avoiding spills. It also offers full grip handles that help make carrying heavy items simpler.

The stoneware insert is removable and dishwasher safe, which keeps clean up efforts to a minimum. When cooking with this model, you will have the benefit of using three different settings high, low, and keep warm.

These settings make it a great option to bring to parties or other group gatherings because you can easily cook meals or snacks in advance and keep it warm until you are ready to eat.


What It Has To Offer

This slow cooker has been specifically created to allow easy travel to your favorite sports event tailgate parties or for potluck dinners. It features a lockable lid that is sealed to prevent food items from spilling while you are traveling even if is turned on its side.

This model offers a simple setup with temperatures of high, low, and keep warm, which makes it very simple to manage even if you never have used a slow cooker before. Its large size is perfect for accommodating many different party foods that can be shared among partygoers.

It also offers a small section in the lid that has been designed to accommodate a meat thermometer. This helps you determine if your meat has been cooked fully before you serve it to your guests.

Hamilton Beach 33262A Stay or Go Slow Cooker, 6-Quart

3 things I particularly love about this model:
1- Keep your food warm for hours with the “keep warm” setting.
2- Avoid spilling food when traveling with the clip-locked lid .
3- Big in size which makes it ideal for big families and parties.

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The Modes

There are three temperature setting modes that have been provided with this model. High is typically used when you are looking to cook meals in about 4 to 6 hours. While this setting can speed up the cooking process, it may also make food not as tender as if it had longer to cook on a lower temperature.

The other setting that is available is the low setting. On low, you typically cook the food from 6 to 8 hours and enjoy food that is perfectly cooked and meat that is tender.

A final option is the keep warm setting. This setting is perfect when you have prepared a meal or a snack to take to a party and will be sharing it with your friends and family over the course of a certain period of time. This setting allows the food to stay warm without overcooking it any further.

Main Features

Dimensions: 15.9 x 15.8 x 9.1 inches

Weight: 14 pounds

Colour: Silver

 Included Accessories: 

– Canister style locking lid
– Stoneware Insert
– Opening for thermometer probes. 

Hamilton Beach 33262 Review, Pros & Cons


What Are the Pros?


1. One of the biggest bonuses we can find with the Hamilton beach stay or go 33262 is the simple way that it functions. It is a basic slow cooker that allows you to cook meats, stews, and other meals or snacks with confidence. It is also great because it can make even cheaper cuts of meat tender and delicious.

2. Some consumers have been impressed with the temperature settings. With some models, the high setting cooks at an extremely high temperature and the low setting cooks at an extremely low temperature. However, when using this model, you will not encounter that problem as the temperature settings have been designed for comfort and ease.

3. It is also very well priced which makes it attractive to those who are just starting out with a slow cooker for the first time. It is priced at the low end and offers the durability and functionality that still make it a high-quality cooker. 

What Are the Cons?


1. Reviews for this cooker are mostly positive, but some have found issues with the glass lid breaking. To avoid this you should never lock down the lid clips while cooking, just let the lid sit on top of the cooker so the steam can escape in case there is too much pressure. The clips are only meant to be used when transporting food to avoid spills.

2. One downside is that it may be a bit basic for advanced slow cooker chefs. Some other models offer programmable features and timers that may be beneficial to those who are more advanced.

3. Another complain is that it only comes with 3 recipes and although is no much, it can be of help to those who don’t know what to cook on their cooker. Besides if you browse the net you can find all kind of recipes with plenty of ideas to get you started.

To avoid as much as possible issues with your device you must read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions which you can find here.

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Things to Enjoy


If you are preparing for a potluck dinner or a party that you intend to bring snacks to, this slow cooker is a fantastic device that can help you get from your home to the party and back with your food item intact.

Its rubber sealed lid helps prevent spills and the locking lid strap keeps it on tight.

The multiple settings allow you the option of different types of cooking and a variety of times when your food can be ready.

You will also enjoy the great keep-warm function which is critical when you are using this particular model in parties.

Review Summary

If you are looking for a basic slow cooker to take with you on the road, the Hamilton Beach 33262 is a fantastic option for you. It offers many great reviews and people who have tried it for themselves have enjoyed using it. However, although it has been created to be portable, it has not been designed for more intricate slow cooking and you may wish to choose one that offers more programming options instead such as the 6 qt Hamilton Beach 33967 Set ‘n Forget model.

For those who are planning to use it on the road it makes traveling with it simple and safe. Also, with its simple settings anyone can easily cook their next meal or tailgate snack in this device and have a delicious option when it comes time to enjoy food together as a group.

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