Hamilton Beach 33969 Review 2016, What Are the Benefits?

Hamilton Beach 33969 Review
This Hamilton beach 33969 review will help you identify the pros and cons of this slow cooker as well as the main difference between this model and the 33967.

Aesthetically, this model looks fantastic. It offers a stainless steel look that is very eye pleasing and can fit easily with most kitchen designs.

It also offers a number of added bonuses that are sure to pique the interest of anyone who is accustomed to using slow cookers.

The cooker is programmable and offers three different modes for you to utilize. It also comes with a thermometer probe setting that allows you to cook the meat to the correct temperature without much effort.

For cooking away from home, it offers an easy to transport design with a fully interlocking lid and special handles that make it easy to carry. Learn more about the individual features that are offered with this model below.

Good to Know

This set and forget model holds 6 quarts and can easily accommodate a number of meats and other dishes. There are three different modes, manual, program, and probe. These modes make it easy to customize your cooking style and allow you more flexibility in the way you prepare your cooker.

One of the downsides of many slow cookers is the fact that if your electricity fails they will typically turn off. This creates issues when you have a meal in them because they will stop cooking midway through and will therefore not be completely cooked when you are ready to serve your meal.

However, with this model, there is actually a built in function that protects from a temporary power outages. This allows you to safely leave your meal cooking before you leave your house and not worry if the food will be ready when you come home.

When you use the probe function, you can set the slow cooker to cook the meat inside to a certain temperature and once the temperature has been reached the crock pot will automatically switch over to warm mode, which means you will never need to worry that your food will become cold before you are ready to eat it.

Be aware that it is normal for steam to accumulate on the lid and that you shouldn’t lift the lid because this will prolong the cooking time.

If you want to avoid issues when using your cooker is very important to follow the instructions. If you are looking for a manual for this model click here.

Hamilton Beach 33969A Set ‘n Forget Programmable, 6-Quart

3 great tips about using this device:
1- Set the temperature low to obtain a delicious and tender meal
2- Avoid reheating the food by using the warm option
3- Cook two meals at the same time like meat and soup

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Benefits of the Hamilton Beach Set n Forget 33969

This specific model features several benefits that slow cooker fans are sure to love.

  • One of the benefits of using this device is that it offers wraparound cooking. This means that your food will be cooked evenly and thoroughly without the need to rearrange the food that is inside.
  • It is also backed with a one-year warranty as well as a customer service line that can answer any question that you may have about the product. The stoneware crock is removable, which makes it easy to clean and the system itself is easy to transport due to the locking lid that is provided and the easy to grip handles that have been included with the design.
  • With three modes to choose from, it offers all the benefits of a traditional model, but adds in more functionality that make cooking with it simple and fun. You’ll have no problem preparing your meal in the morning, leaving for work and coming home to find your home filled with the smells of dinner and a meal that is ready to place on the table immediately.


Main Features


Dimensions: 10.2 x 16 x 16.1 inches

Weight: 14.8 pounds

Color: Silver

Included Accessories:

– Lockable lid
– Stoneware Crock
– Attached thermometer probe


What Are the Pros and Cons?

After reading many Hamilton Beach 33969 slow cooker reviews is clear that the majority of users are happy with this model. Below you will find what they most like or dislike about it.

  • One thing owners enjoy the most is the different settings that it provides. With three modes to choose from, they are offered the benefit of having the cooker adapt to their own personal cooking style. Whether they are cooking meat, rice, or any other creation, it offers adaptability and functionality.
  • Many consumers also enjoy the fact that they can easily take their crock pot with them to family gatherings or other potluck dinners because of the locking lid and easy to carry handles. They are able to cook heavy items in them and with these additional benefits can easily carry them without the fear of spilling.
  • One downside is that those looking for a basic slow cooker may find some of the additional features to be overwhelming. If you are not used to using a programmable cooker, learning how to use it properly may take a bit of time.
  • Some have found that it is a little bit difficult to program, at least when they first start out with it. It is also fairly bulky meaning it takes up quite a bit of counter space and you will need plenty of space to store it when you’re not using it.

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Hamilton Beach 33969 vs. 33967

There is no great difference between Hamilton Beach 33969 and 33967. The two models are very similar and in fact, the 33969 is the newest version of this style that is offered through this brand. There are few differences between the two models.

For example, the 33967 model offers a spoon rest along with the locking lid. However, the 33969 is easier to transport because of the different design of the handles.

Both models offer the same three modes as well as the temperature probe that comes in handy. They are designed pretty much the same and offer the same style of programming display. They are fairly similar in price structure as well.

Review Summary

All in all this Set ‘n Forget programmable slow cooker offers a wide range of capabilities that those who love this style of cooking can enjoy. It is also a fairly affordable model and many of the functions that are provided with it are only available with more expensive models.

It offers a great range of functionality and is great for those who are looking for a cooker that can be taken with them without the fear of spillage. However, for those who are looking for a simple slow cooker or will only be cooking for a couple of people, this model may be a bit complex and large for their needs. If this is your case there are smaller and affordable cookers like the Proctor Silex 33015Y 1-1/2-Quart Round and the Crock-Pot SCR200-B Manual, 2 Quart.

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