Hamilton Beach 7 Quart Stay or Go Slow Cooker Review 2016

Hamilton Beach 7 qt Slow Cooker Review
On this review you are going to learn what the Hamilton Beach 7 quart stay or go slow cooker can do, its main features, its settings and its pros and cons.

Slow cookers are fantastic devices when you’re looking to prepare a large meal for a family of or a gathering of friends. Sometimes, these gatherings take place away from your home and food needs to be transported between your home and another location. With a traditional model, this can be difficult because spilling your food is a possibility.

However, with this device, you can easily take large portions of food with you without fear of it spilling. This cooker has been designed so that you can easily use it at home or take with you to your favorite potluck dinner.


Good to Know


This model is the perfect size for cooking a 7 pound chicken or a 5 pound roast and holds 7 quarts of hot food. It has been designed with an easy clip tight sealed lid that connects directly to the base and makes it spill resistant when you are traveling with it.

The lid is detachable and the stoneware insert is removable which makes it easy for you to clean up once you get back home after your party.

Storage is also more convenient with this cooker because the handles are re-positionable and can either be folded up were folded down. This makes it easier to store because the handles will not make storing it an issue.

Hamilton Beach 7 Quart Stay Or Go

3 things you will like about this model:

1- The lid stays up when serving the food.
2- The handles fold down for better storage.
3- Designed for traveling and easy to clean.
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What Are the Settings?

There are three different settings; high, low, and keep warm.

When you are cooking your food, you will most often rely on the high or the low settings. However, the keep warm setting is important to use when you are looking to keep your food warm for an extended period of time. This can be extremely beneficial if you’re at a party and will be sharing the food with others as part of a pot luck dinner.

When using the high setting, you are typically cooking food with the intent of it being ready in 4 to 6 hours. With the low setting food will be ready between eight and 10 hours.

There are many recipes that you can use to create a large size meal and depending on when you wish for the food to be ready, you can use either setting. It is also of benefit if you are looking to prepare something ahead of time and keep it warm until you are ready to eat it.

I haven’t found a manual specific to this model but this one about the 6qt stay or go is practically the same. For more information go to Hamilton stay or go manual.

Its Main Features?


Dimensions: 15.1 x 13.2 x 9.4 inches

Weight: 13 pounds

Color: Silver

Included Accessories:

– Locking, Sealed lid

– Stoneware Insert

– Adjustable handles for easy storage


Hamilton Beach 7 Quart Stay or Go Slow Cooker Review, Pros & Cons


What Are the Pros?

There are many things that are great about the 7 qt Stay or Go slow cooker.

  • For example, its large size easily accommodates many different types of foods, such as large chickens and meat selections. This makes the slow cooker a great option for parties and large gatherings of people.
  • If you’re traveling is easily transported due to its locking lid. It has also been designed with easy to carry folding handles that make it easy for storage and for traveling with heavy food items.
  • You will also find that it is extremely simple to clean because the portions of the slow cooker are removable and dishwasher safe.
  • If you choose this model, you will enjoy a meal that is ready when you are and is easy to serve due to the hinged lid that will stay open while you are serving your food.
  • You will find that is very easy to use and you can enjoy a multitude of recipe options when you are preparing for your next large gathering of friends or family.

Does it Have Any Disadvantages?

There have been some issues that people have found when using it.

  • For example, it does not offer a programmable timer setting, which means it will not turn off on its own and must physically be turned off by you.
  • Its large size may also create concerns if you are attempting to serve food in a small location. For example, if you are placing the slow cooker under a cabinet to cook, you will need to move it in order to serve. With the lid open, it will not fit under the cabinet.
  • Another problem that some have found is that the lid does not feel completely secure unless it is latched closed. Some have felt this may be a safety issue.
  • It is also recommended to open the lid while wearing a protective glove so that you are not burned by the steam that escapes when the lid is opened. Due to the design of the lid some have found it difficult to open when they are ready to serve their food.

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Review Summary

The Hamilton beach 7 quart stay or go slow cooker design has been optimized to make it easy to transport from one location to another without spilling. It is also very sturdy and offers rubber feet on the bottom to keep it from sliding around while you are using it.

One important thing to note with this cooker is that you need to be careful when opening it when you’re ready to serve. Due to the design of the lid, steam escapes when you open it and you need to be prepared so that you do not burn yourself.

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