Hamilton Beach Simplicity 6-quart Slow Cooker Review 2016

Hamilton Beach Simplicity 6-quart Slow Cooker Review
This Hamilton Beach simplicity 6-quart slow cooker review will help you decide if this is right device for your needs.

If you have been holding on to that old cooker that you have had for ages, you may be ready to upgrade to something a little better.

When you begin reviewing your options, you will find that slow cookers have advanced quite a bit throughout the years and you now have a great number of choices available.

The Hamilton Beach Simplicity 6-quart is just one of many options that are on the market today. An attractive price and some advanced features make this model a popular choice. In order to learn if is right for you; you will first need to find out more about it.


Good to Know

This specific model is very simple to use and produces quality cooked food with little clean-up necessary. It has been designed to cook a 6 lb. chicken or a 4 lb. roast with ease.

It is easy to use and offers a simple programmable system and the handy functionality of three settings. You simply insert your food into the stoneware crock and set the device to the desired temperature.

You can then set the programmable timer and place the lid on top. You will be able to watch the timer count down until your meal is ready and after the time has expired, the crock-pot will automatically switch to the warm setting.

It offers a stoneware crock and lid that are easily removed and dishwasher safe and offers a spill-resistant travel mechanism, making it perfect for family reunions or parties away from home.


Hamilton Beach 33565 Simplicity 6-Quart Slow Cooker

3 great tips about using this model:
1- When food is ready automatically changes to “keep warm” so the food is never overcooked.
2- The relief hole in the lid keeps the temperature below boiling point.
3- Ideal for a large family and really easy to clean.

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  • Dimensions: 9.7 x 15.4 x 15.2 inches
  • Weight: 14.2 pounds
  • Colour: Silver and black included


  • Lid
  • Stoneware crock
  • Travel lid strap

Hamilton Beach Simplicity 6-quart Slow Cooker Review, Pros & Cons


What About the Pros?

1- One of the best things about this model is the price of it.


Photo Credit: Amazon.com

It is about midway between the lowest costing slow cooker and the highest priced one, which gives it the value of being a high quality product, but not being so expensive that you cannot afford.

2- Clean-up is a breeze and being dishwasher-safe you can easily remove the crock from the base and place it in the dishwasher. This is a huge step up from the all-in-one devices that were popular in the past.

3- The manufacturer also realized that many people travel with their crock-pots and so designed this model with travel in mind, including a handy lid gasket and a lid strap that makes traveling with the device more secure.

And the Cons?


Hamilton Beach Slow Cooker

Photo Credit: Amazon.com

1- There are a few downsides to this device, but most found these to be minimal. For starters, you are only able to set the crock pot to high, low or warm; you cannot set specific temperatures as you would in the oven.

However, many of the slow cook recipes that you will find keep this in mind and only require one of these three settings. Some have also said that cooking with this slow cooker may take a little bit of time when learning to use it. It seems to cook a little cooler than other models.

In any case this may be a preferable feature because some devices tend to cook fairly warm and can cause excessive bubbling that can spill over while the food is cooking.

2- There is also not a programmable timer feature; meaning that once you turn the device on, it is on. You can schedule an end time when the device will switch to warm, but you are not able to schedule a start time. This feature may be available in higher end crockpots and may be important to some users.

3- It is also fairly large, so some users have found that it is difficult to find storage for it. While this is a benefit needed to host a big family dinner, you may find that you do not have the room that you need to store it properly.

If you are looking for a manual and instructions on how to use  this specific model have a look here.


Review Summary


This Hamilton Beach Simplicity model is a great product for those looking to cook for a large crowd. If you intend to use it for smaller family dinners or if you do not have much storage space, you may want to look into a smaller model such as the Proctor Silex 1-1/2-Quart Round or the Nesco SC-150R Oval.

Settings are four, six and ten hours, which are sufficient for most people, but there are higher end products available that offer a bit more flexibility when it comes to specific time frames.

Overall, this is a solid device and is a fantastic option to upgrade a simpler model that you own yourself or for a family of 4 members or more. If find that this model is great for the advanced slow cooker user, but is simple enough for even beginners to get the hang of quickly.

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