Hamilton Beach Stay or Go Slow Cooker Reviews

Hamilton Beach Stay or Go Slow Cooker Reviews

The following Hamilton beach stay or go slow cooker review will help you decide if this is the right choice for you.

On this article you are going to find and overall opinion of how these cookers work, their main features and their pros and cons.

There are several stay or go models that belong to the Hamilton beach brand and you can read reviews of two of the most popular cookers by clicking these links 33262 six quart and the stay or go seven quart.

The design of slow cookers has come a long way since the beginning and they have advanced in technology to make slow cooking even easier. The Stay or Go models revolutionizes the art of slow cooking because it makes simple to take it with you to group functions.

One of the biggest attractions of this model is the lead used which is unique to this style and makes traveling with it a breeze.

Best Stay or Go Slow Cookers
H.B 33461 Stay or Go 6-Quart Portable Slow Cooker

H.B 33345 Stay or Go, 4-Quart Capacity

H.B 33263 Stay or Go 6-Quart Capacity

Ideal for large meals, non-spill traveling slow cooker Great addition for a small family, easy to clean and carry around Beautiful designed, perfect for large families, portable


What’s Great About H.B Stay or Go Slow Cookers?

When selecting this brand, you will learn that there are more than 15 different styles to choose from. These styles range anywhere from different color designs to different programmable features, each of which makes using the device fun and exciting. These slow cookers have been designed as the ultimate no watch cooking device.

You should think about how you plan to use your cooking device before you purchase it so that you can select the best model that fits with your cooking style and for the functions that you will be bringing it to.

Another thing to keep in mind when purchasing a slow cooker is that you need to understand how to use it properly before you begin cooking with it. For example, you should not place frozen items on it or items that are too cold because they risk the chance of cracking portions of it.

These cookers are ideal if you’re watching the big game at a friend’s house and want to bring snacks along with you. You can easily transport the device in your vehicle without fear of spilling due to the custom lids and set it up so that you can enjoy the food inside later. There are even options that will fit the theme of your party and have been designed with a sports themed style.

Perfect For Parties or Home Cooked Meals

Your Stay or Go pot can be something that helps you create fantastic meals or snacks for your family and friends. While traditionally slow cookers were designed for mothers who were looking for an easier way to prepare a family meal, they have now been transformed into cooking devices that allow for much more functionality.

For example, there are now many recipes available that allow partygoers to bring snacks to enjoy with their friends and family. This specific design has included a revolutionary lid that seals completely to avoid any spillage throughout the journey. You can rest assured that you will arrive at your destination with your food intact and ready to be enjoyed by everyone at the party or gathering.

However, if you would rather use this device at home, you could easily do that as well. This can be perfect for a large family meal or a simple home-cooked meal to enjoy during the weekdays when it may be difficult to cook after work.


Main Features


Set n Forget Hamilton Beach Slow Cooker


There are over a fifteen different models that Hamilton Beach offers in the Stay or Go section. Below are some of the different features that you can expect to see from these models:

  • Transportability options: Locking lids and lid straps
  • Simple controls: High, med and low settings
  • Advanced technology: Programmable timers and advanced temperature settings
  • Stylish designs including sports themes


What Are the Pros and Cons?


  • Stay n go slow cookers are a perfect size for large meals and contains a maximum capacity of 6 quarts.
    Stay or Go Slow Cooker


  • The stoneware crock is removable and easy to clean which makes clean-up simple after you have enjoyed your meal.

  • The locking lid option makes it ideal to take with you when you need to bring a dish to a group function.

  • Its large size can easily accommodate a party like food.

  • There are also many different styles of lid locks that you can choose from.

  • If you find that the 6 quart version offers too much room for food, there are also 4 quart options available. The design is the same as the larger versions, but you have the benefit of cooking smaller portions.

  • Some found, that by not following these instructions the stoneware insert or the lid was prone to break. You should be cautious to use it correctly, so this does not happen.

  • Another issue that some consumers have found is that due to its large size it can be difficult to find space to store it. It may also be not a good option if you are only cooking a small meal for one or two people because it is harder to judge how much to put in the cooker and how long to cook it.

If you need more information on using this particular brand click this manual.

Review Summary

The Hamilton Beach stay or go slow cookers have been designed as the perfect travel companion for your tailgate parties or other group functions such as parties at work or family reunions. They offer a sealed lid to keep food from spilling and various options when it comes to programming and timing the food.

They have also been designed in such a way that they look beautiful sitting on your countertop. Its durable design has made them a fantastic option for traveling with and for enjoying for many years to come.